50th Birthday Bash (2002)

Half a Century!

The weekend of August 17, 2002 was a very special time for members of the Class of 1970. Many came together to collectively celebrate a significant rite of passage — our 50th Birthdays. Can you believe it? And, we don’t look a day past 49.

As always, the class showed a propensity for celebrating as few others can. Two days of golf outings, and a Birthday Bash to boot, left everyone excited at the prospect of continuing this new addition to our “reunion” schedule. Between the 5 year reunions, we can always celebrate another significant birthday — 55, 60, 65 . . . we will plan the parties for as long as we have your support.

Take a light-hearted look at the “50th Birthday Bash” through the following online albums we’ve prepared. The “commentary” may be real or imagined — and if you’re interested in the names of the subject(s), simply hover your cursor over the picture, and a pop-up box will identify them. Click on an event below:

Friday Golf Outing (Penn National Founders Course)
Saturday Golf Outing (South Mountain Golf Course)
“The Bash” on Saturday Evening at the Legion

Special Thanks to Mike McKee for, once again, providing great prizes for the golf outing participants. Also, to Jeff Yentsch for organizing the format of the outings. Last, but not least, to Dave “Woody” Woodring and Russ Bergeron, for providing the images used in the online albums.