The cake says it all! Our night was finally here.

Okay, who threw the beer bottle? I'm just trying to welcome you all to The Bash!

Looks like Bingo day in the lounge at Quincy Home. Who are all these old codgers, anyway?

I just slam-dunked a pretzel down Jeff's shirt, and I think he liked it.

How ya DOIN' . . . no, How YOU doin' . . . Wassupp!

The object of the game is simple -- drink all the contents of the first bottle, hold it in your mouth (don't swallow any), and transfer it to the second bottle. It's easy, watch. Hey, wake up! Don't take that 'NAP' sign seriously.

I knew it! They tricked me into being the only one to come braless.

Don't you walk away from me when I'm talking to you. Come back here.

I say Woody wears boxers. Why do you think briefs?

I can't believe you all fell for that old 'Crazy Glue in the Chip Dip Trick'. How did you ladies get it in your hair?

Um-um-umph-umm-um-umphum (What's in the #%@*&;~ Dip?!)

You mean to tell me that this pickled deer liver is still considered a delicacy in Waynesboro?

Geez! Cathy's pigging out on deer liver, Melissa's drinking mustard, and the dip sticks to your ribs, and everything else -- no wonder all I want is a cigarette.

Patty, I'll bet you $10 Steve can't blow out that candle without requiring oxygen when he's done.

The Fire Marshall advised that one candle might be safer than 50!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Gee, Stan, if I grab you just so, you can still hit that high note, can't you?

I've always said, seven heads are better than six.

Okay, just this last glass, and you will have 'run the table'.

No, I don't think anyone saw what we did to the cake. Do you?

There's a bomb scare, evacuate! What about Bob?