I know I left my cart parked right here!

I just finished a two week run as the title role in 'Weekend at Bernies'. Next I'll be playing Gerry Garcia in 'Dead Head Walking' at Red Run Park Theater.

Okay, it's a simple 'Pick-n-Roll' Yentsch, you go to the hole as soon as Keller gets past the red tees.

Beer! Get yer ice cold beer here! (Do you really think this Beer Wench gig will lead to a guest shot on 'The Man Show'?)

Mr. George, I swear someone right over there said 'Go ahead put on one of his shirts, he won't mind if you stretch it out of shape.'

Baby, only you get to hear how many putts I had on that last hole.

Five! What were you putting with, your umbrella?

Where's a good Drivers Ed teacher when you need one? Who parked these &%<* things anyway?

Okay, it's a deal -- you'll play Felix Unger to my Oscar Madison in 'The Odd Couple' at the Simon in the Park Festival.